Parking and Shuttle

This is a destination race, meaning the start and finish are at DIFFERENT locations.

Logistics for this race is complicated as the streets are blocked for parade traffic and Parade Floats. You are encouraged to find your own way to the start line if possible. The last shuttle leaves the Senior Center at 1:00.

If you can find a way to park near the start and arrange for someone to bring you back to your vehicles, this will allow you more freedom to come and go. As parking is limited at the finish.

Directly in front of the Senior Center will NOT be available as it is needed for the finish and the bus turn around. Park in the noted areas but not in the grass.  There are other places near, within a short walk. Try to enter the Senior Center via the lower parking lot. As the bus will be using the upper lot. Senior Center location here.

The preferred parking area is at the First Baptist Church. 200 Branchview Dr SE, Concord, NC 28025

Buses will transport from First Baptist Church beginning at 11 am to the start line and will also take runners back to the church from the finish line after the awards ceremony. The Church has more parking area. Remember to get there early. The Church location is here.

Parking (no shuttle service) is also available at the following location:
McGee Park, 210 Corban Ave SE;


The finish is located at: 331 Corban Ave, Concord, NC.

The start is located near the hospital.  Close to the banks Wells Fargo and 5/3.  Start Location

Do not expect to park at the Senior Center as spaces there are limited.

Get there early to find parking and to catch the bus.

REMEMBER everyone can NOT fit on the last bus that leaves at 1:00

If you park at the start you will need to find your own way back to your car.